Artist Selection Criteria

Thank you for your interest in becoming an ArtLifting artist. ArtLifting’s mission is to empower artists living with homelessness or disability through the celebration and sale of their art.


Please note that at this time, ArtLifting is only accepting artists who reside in the United States.


Criteria for ArtLifting Participation:

  • Applicants must be over age 18
  • Applicants must meet at least one of the following criteria

    Currently Living with a Disability

    This can include a psychiatric, physical, or developmental disability diagnosed by a licensed medical professional.

    Artist will be required to submit documentation of disability if accepted into our program.



    Experience with Homelessness


    The applicant is currently homeless and able to provide documentation of homelessness from a shelter.

    Applicant is currently part of a supportive re-housing program due to past homelessness (documentation must submitted)


    **It is highly recommended that artists are also linked with appropriate supportive services (as needed and appropriate) to provide support in addition to ArtLifting’s services.  This could be an art group, art therapy program, case management services or other supportive service at a social service agency, residential, drop-in, or disability center or shelter.

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