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Romani Berlekov is an unofficial member of the local 'outsider' artists in the Boston area, and you can find her on any given day on the streets of Boston, painting and selling her creations.  Like so many other friends and colleagues, she is completely self-taught, and continues to exuberantly experiment and learn.  Her journey of creation is that of her own evolution.

Romani has been drawing and creating as far back as she can remember, and added oil painting and water colors to her repertoire during her teens, and more recently begin experimenting with acrylics and mixed media.   Creating has long been, and continues to be, an amazing meditation which produces pure and joyful manifestations in the physical realm. Flowers and trees, the ocean and Mother Nature herself, is her Zen, for it is the gifts of nature which inspire a flow within her that longs to be expressed and shared.    

Romani says her works are not created to inform or enlighten, but rather to share and reconnect to the beautiful world around us.  What Romani's work lacks in statement or sophistication, it bountifully provides reminding the observer of the sheer beauty and subtle grace which is often overlooked in the rush and bustle of our modern society.  Based in a realist orientation, with a touch of whimsy, her style is a presentation of simplicity, elegance, grace and truth.

Romani currently relies on the creation of meditation in the form of painting daily, to help her maintain her balance and sanity during this period of homelessness, and with her disabilities.  Creating is her therapy.  She is ever indebted to the local programs, the Studio at St. Francis House, Common Art Program and the Women’s Lunch Place program,  which provide space, materials and support.

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