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This year’s Art of Giving is brought to you through a collaboration between ArtLifting and Progressive. ArtLifting is a social enterprise that champions artists impacted by homelessness or disabilities through the sale and celebration of their artwork. 

Through the sale of this art, Progressive employees are generating income for artists, as well as validating their talent, increasing self-confidence, and inspiring motivation. 

ArtLifting partners with 160 artists across from the country, and each artist has a unique perspective and experience to share. Progressive and ArtLifting invites you to meet all the artists, learn more about their stories, and see their artwork at this link: Meet ArtLifting's Artists. 

To purchase original artwork from these and other ArtLifting artists, please visit Progressive's Original Artwork Collection.

Consider giving:

While ArtLifting is a Public Benefit Company, not 501(c)(3) public charity, ArtLifting partners with a number of charities eligible for The Progressive Insurance Foundation matching gift program. If you’re interested in learning more about these organization visit this link: Community Partner Organizations.

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White Flowers
Mia Brown
Precious Soul
4 Horses
Under Construction II
Helping Hands
Jeff Powers
Mountain Spring
Lucas Farlow
Mojo Fixed
Shana Stern
Above the Falls
Susan Stemple Kubes
California's Gold 2
Michaels Lyric
Boston Reflections
Kitty Zen
Bass Player 2
Charles Blackwell
Groveling in Emeralds
Lori-Anne Fay
Spring Sunshine
Rhi Wilde
BW&YL 04
Damiano Austin
Place Mat
Jeffrey Mayo
City Scape
Naomi Rosen
Hutchman 22
Jacob Brown
Along the Path
Yellow Sun Flower
Sweet Pea
Crown of Thorns, Crown of Light
Sarah Vaughn-Rohrbough
Maybe in Another Life
Juan Bonilla
Modern Sculpture
Jeff Roysdon
Caballo Pinto (Spotted Pony)
Eve Hennessa
Bermuda Triangles
Susan Spangenberg
Michael Reese - The Next New Community
Kenneth Williams
Shapes of Sharp
Robert Miller
Lily Pads
Laura Kupac
City Island, Sky Time Exposure
Glenn Goldstein
Aneliya Kostova
Gemini 1
Issa Ibrahim
Alex Scott
Angela Davis
Stacey Williams
Untitled 1
Scott Benner