Peter Chrisler

San Francisco, CA

Art has saved my life and is my cause.

California-based artist, Peter Chrisler has faced many challenges in his life, including homelessness, physical mobility issues, mental health struggles and homophobia. The fantastical scenes he creates in his paintings provide refuge. Peter began using art as a to create new worlds as a child to protect himself from the trauma he began to experience at a young age. Using watercolor and polymer gloss, Peter creates brilliantly colored “imaginary kingdom” that he “devised from a love of old world charm.” He seeks inspiration for these fantasy scenes in architecture and particularly enchanted by the decorative styles of Baroque structures. Peter has transformed many of his experiences into works of art that have given his life a creative direction.  

He is proud to share that his artwork will be used for CGI for a movie adaptation of a book he authored called, Cassalancq – a “historical fantasy coming of age story” produced by Kenneth J. Parsons with Envie Filme. Peter’s admiration for Baroque architecture is evident in his paintings as he writes: “I emulate the decorative styles of the past but never equal them.” Instead Peter adapts the styles of the past to create worlds that exist in his art.

In his lifetime, he has created over 150 paintings—some of which, he says, have taken up to 1000 hours to complete. Currently, he creates art out of the Community Arts Program, one of the services offered by Hospitality House in San Francisco's Tenderloin District.

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