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Naomi Rosen considers herself a contemporary and outsider artist who renders her perception of real and thought provoking creations on canvas.

Born in New York to Polish-Jewish Holocaust survivors, she pursued her education at the School of Visual Arts and Bowie State University along with six years of study in Italy, England and Israel. While in Italy, she worked as a potter which enabled her to discover different mediums and textures.

The first body of Naomi's artwork to receive recognition was the stark and moving Holocaust related pen and ink drawings, followed by her colorful Judaica paintings. The creation of the “Resilience & Dignity” series came as a result of a move to New Mexico where she embraced the wide open landscape. This influence continues to evolve within her intense abstract paintings.

Naomi's personal struggle has been with both seizures and Manic Depression. Her painting enables her to face her inner fears in ways that current medications for her mental illness do not. She explains that creating offers her sanctuary from the judgment of those who do not understand her diagnosis which she describes as a battle between love and self-loathing. To see Naomi's paintings is to see the world through the eyes of someone all too familiar with the rhythm and expanse of both madness and tranquility.

Naomi's art has been exhibited and collected widely. Presently, she resides in Texas with her loving husband, Bob, and their dog named Lucy.

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