Madison Buratt

Baton Rouge, LA

“Being at peace on the inside, regardless of what’s happening around you, allows you to see things as happening for you, rather than to you.”

Born and raised in Baton Rouge, Madison always had a love for building, innovation, and carrying out creative projects. At a young age, she began recruiting her family to help her execute and sell her creations to her teachers and classmates. While she always felt artsy, she didn’t start painting until halfway through college.

Living with Crohn’s disease, Madison found art as a great outlet for her emotions. What started as a fun and therapeutic hobby that gave her body and mind rest from her symptoms, transformed into her profession and passion. Speaking on its therapeutic abilities, Madison says, “Art touches a part of us we don’t understand otherwise, while also promoting a little bit more beauty in the world. It’s true healing.” She is grateful that art helps her stay present and grounded.

Madison paints intuitively, using meditation, daily mindfulness, and self healing practices to put her in a flow state. Her favorite mediums to use include heavy body acrylic paint, oil pastels, and spray paint. The acrylic provides an orderly base, while the latter two allow her to tap into her childlike imagination and engage in a state of ‘play.’ 

Her unique style is inspired by graffiti and modern architecture, specifically in regards to the balance of order and chaos. Street art, graffiti, and outsider art inspire her to depict chaos, voids, and possibility. Structure and architecture inspire her to provide beauty and order to the chaos. “I think it’s important for all people to find peace and balance regardless of external circumstances. Finding that balance on a canvas helps me get closer to finding that within myself,” says Madison.

When she’s not drawing or painting, Madison enjoys sewing, practicing gratitude, and laughing. She dreams of having a multimedia exhibit one day, combining art, sculpture, photos to explore themes of order, chaos, art, and community, in a way that’s interactive to the audience in a physical, sensory way. Overall, Madison’s goal is to keep being authentic and continue to do the best she can, while being as present as possible.

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Prints by Madison Buratt

Madison Buratt
Fire Baby Love
Madison Buratt
Heaven Sent II
Madison Buratt
I Heart Robots
Madison Buratt
Madison Buratt

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