Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith Corporate

New Jersey

"I am most proud of the fact that I am still thriving despite my body becoming differently abled. I think my best work has come out of pushing against my limitations.”

Lindsay Abromaitis-Smith has been making art for her entire life. Before being diagnosed with ALS in 2012, Lindsay worked as a puppetry artist, sculptor, and massage therapist. Though she no longer has the use of her arms and hands, she continues to express herself creatively by using her feet to paint.

“Living with ALS is the most difficult thing I have ever done. It has given me so many opportunities to slow down, figure out what is important to me, and shift my perspective of the world. My legs are still pretty strong, so I am grateful that I can use my feet to paint. I use paint to create texture, and it’s really fun to squish between my toes and onto canvas.”

Lindsay is a woman with incredible resilience, drive, and dedication to art.

“I feel free and empowered when I am creating art. I am transported beyond my chair while working on a piece. I make art because I need to articulate the things in life that have no words. Making and experiencing art allows me to feel the deeper richness that life has to offer.”

Lindsay hopes to share her art and voice with the world through her participation in ArtLifting.

“I dream of helping as many people as I can to know that beauty can be found in unlikely places and that honoring your gifts no matter what happens is a source of light for the world. To know that part of my light might shine in someone’s home and hopefully help them shine is deeply satisfying, down to my toes!”

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