Katie Hickey-Schultz

Katie Hickey-Schultz

Gallup, NM


"There is much more to us than meets the eye. Our art exposes our collective souls. I hope people will see what the homeless have to offer, what they know, reduce judgement, and remember beauty. It is my hope this will grow and percolate through all of us... through society.”

“There is still a surprising amount of stigma and disdain for the idea of 'houselessness,' Katie shares. "I volunteer a lot and fight for rights, respect, and services for homeless. I am always fighting, whether it's snow, wind, mud, and rain, or the difficulties of the system. I think it's harder sometimes to live between two worlds, but today is precious and I am trying to use my blessings and experience to see how I can help myself and others.”

Katie Hickey-Schultz is a Boston native who got her start with ArtLifting through Common Art, an art program in Boston that provides space, materials, and caring support staff to individuals experiencing housing insecurity or living at a low-income level. She has since moved to Gallup, New Mexico where she continues to make art, hold workshops for individuals living with homelessness, and advocate for the unhoused population.

Katie hopes that sharing her art and her advocacy work for people who are unhoused will reduce stigma. "I hope that people will look at our art and remember the many layers of onion skin that create a homeless person. I want people to inevitably realize 'the Homeless,' 'the Disabled' are all unique, loving and wondrous individuals with onion skins of their own stories."

Bare Palm - ArtLifting
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