The following pieces suggest a sense of bravery, exploration, beginnings, and collaboration -- elements of the journey of entrepreneurship.

These bold and striking artworks reflect the qualities needed in leadership - Audacity, Inclusion, Courage, and a Clear Vision

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Owlet Leaf
Julia Pozsgai
I Never Said It Was Easy
Juan Bonilla
Narrow is the Way
Juan Bonilla
Vacant City, Early Morning
Lucas Farlow
Simply Summer Day
Aneliya Kostova
Red Shadow Map
Christina Constantine
Back of Trolley Square
Vito Bonanno
Angel Pink
Mia Brown
Mia Brown
Come In
Mia Brown
Riding in the Wind
Mia Brown
Flying High
Mia Brown
A Busy Day
Mia Brown
Mia Brown
Juan Bonilla
Random Yes, Accidental No
Michael Van Huffel
The Triangle of One
Rudolph Jean-Louis