Anne Dove

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"Sometimes when you're creating, a piece goes awry. I started this piece by applying alcohol ink, which gives it a saturated, smooth quality, but I became unhappy with the composition. Then, I decided to add alcohol to it to dilute the colors in places and just let the colors blend naturally rather than overwork a design. Excited by this change in the piece, I went back with alcohol ink and alcohol ink pens to create an abstract that reminds me of a collection glass terrariums. This piece evokes for me the fragility of nature and a message that we are caretakers of the earth."

- Anne Dove

Prints are produced on demand on either mounted canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Anne Dove

Woodinville, WA

“Creating this way is how I know myself, how I make sense of the world, and how I communicate with people at a deep and satisfying level. I make art to connect inwardly with myself and to connect outwardly with the world around me.”

Anne Dove lives with retinitis pigmentosa (RP), a degenerative eye disease that ultimately causes complete blindness. She began making art full-time once she became legally blind, as a tool to connect with herself and others. Similar to her previous mode of creation as a writer, creating art is a cleansing meditation that leaves her tired but refreshed and renewed.

Anne was born in Pittsburgh, Pennsylvania and spent her early years in Tokyo, Japan. In Tokyo, she developed an appreciation for the wabi-sabi principles of fukinsei (asymmetry) and shizen (without pretense), and the principle of shibumi (simple, subtle and unobtrusive beauty). Her art also contains western influences, such as Surrealism, Modernism, and Modern Expressionism. Additionally, Anne is influenced by poetry, nature, science, psychology, and even her own dreams.

Anne enjoys the unpredictable nature of alcohol inks and monoprinting. She also creates collages because of their surreal and symbolic nature, and the process of finding meaning in what may initially appear senseless or absurd. To Anne, art communicates feelings and ideas in a way that words cannot. It’s a silent, powerful emotional connection she enjoys sharing with others.

“I’d like my work as an artist who is legally blind to speak for itself, and if I can inspire others who are dealing with limitations or hardship to continue to reach for and pursue the things that make their lives meaningful and useful, then I’m honored to do so.”

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