All Caught Up

Damiano Austin

$ 300.00

"All Caught Up" is my artistic interpretation of the middle ground, the forgotten place between all or nothing. Created using acrylic on wood, this mixed medium piece tells a tale of blurred lines and forgotten unknowns. I exercised the illusion of texture and flow within this project to follow the natural blends and bends of the colors. Looking into this piece it's easy to get "All Caught Up."

Prints are produced on demand on either mounted canvas, acrylic plexi, or giclee fine art paper in a variety of sizes here in the United States. High quality print reproductions for your home or office designed by artists living with homelessness or disabilities.

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Damiano Austin


“Maybe its passion, and maybe its preordained, but surely being an artist is gift. Art is my expression of life, it's a way of celebrating what the universe has built for itself and others.”

Damiano Austin is a Seattle-based artist whose life experiences have inspired her to capture beauty abroad and within. As a child, Damiano was introduced to the arts as a clarinetist and later expanded her creative talents into sound production and graphic design. Damiano references a trip to Spain in 2013 as a pivotal moment in her art career, when she took advantage of the opportunity to photograph Barcelona. She says it was the moment she fell in love with photography.

In 2016, Damiano was diagnosed with a rare breast tumor and underwent a series of surgeries and mastectomies that she says not only changed her life, but enlightened it. The most uncomfortable moments of existence give birth to progress, and that is something Damiano openly embraces. Damiano enthusiastically works on her artwork, creating art as often as she can. “My intentions are to be the best me possible, which allows me to be the best artist I can be!”

Using photography as her artistic medium, Damiano adds imagination to manifest thought into material. Some photos are perfected in an instant and do not need much, whereas others take months and require a lot of time, attention, and thought. Given her consistent inspiration and work ethic, her collection currently averages over 200 images and increases daily.

Through ArtLifting, Damiano sees an immense opportunity for growth as a professional artist and individual. There is a certain sense of order and unpredictability that arrives when capturing energy through creativity. Creative work can be hard to categorize into a specific style or to place within a particular label. It is undefinable. She describes her creative process as “creating a new space within the familiarities of time." She continues, "Art is important because the expression of oneself is important, even necessary, to feel alive.”

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