The Boston Celtics Join the #MakeYourWallsCount Movement and  Lift Art in support of ArtLifting Artists Nationwide

The Boston Celtics Join the #MakeYourWallsCount Movement and Lift Art in support of ArtLifting Artists Nationwide

First the New England Patriots LIFTED ART and now our favorite guys in green, The Boston Celtics, joined the #MakeYourWallsCount movement!

This week, the players, coaches, and announcers of Boston’s beloved basketball team literally LIFTED ART to raise awareness of ArtLifting’s mission. Thru the sale of their artwork, ArtLifting empowers local artists struggling with homelessness or living with disabilities, helping them find housing and jobs.

Join the #MakeYourWallsCount movement and purchase the paintings below or any other piece of artwork from the site to support artists struggling with homelessness or living with disabilities.



Tommy Heinsohn, Hall of Fame player, coach, and broadcaster for the Boston Celtics for the past six decades is seen here LIFTING Louisiana Bayou Lake by Boston artist Jim Waters. Jim, born in Cambridge, MA paints at Outside the Lines Studio, a Boston based arts studio for individuals with developmental and physical disabilities. Jim’s work is most often inspired by bodies of water and nautical themes. I think Tommy agrees that this particular piece is a winner! Jim Waters gets a Tommy Point!




Mike Gorman, Tommy’s partner in crime and a long time legendary Celtics broadcaster is seen here LIFTING a Untitled 4 by local artist Nick Morse. Nick is a colorful abstract painter who is on the autism spectrum and is also non-verbal. Nick’s artwork is how he communicates with the world. Mike Gorman knows all about broadcasting and getting a message out there to the world, and was only too happy to help Nick get his message out as well!


Cedric “Cornbread” Maxwell broadcaster/previous player and 2 time NBA champion with the Boston Celtics joined the movement by LIFTING Kaleidoscope of Color by Anthony Baldassari. Anthony grew up in Charlestown and Dorchester and started painting following a medical procedure gone wrong that left him paralyzed. Painting over the past few years, Anthony has worked his way back to walking, but is still plagued by constant pain. Anthony finds that painting is the only thing that helps him heal and hopes that his work with ArtLifting will help him pay off his daughter’s student loans one day.




Celtics coaches Micha Shrewsberry and Jamie Young recognize true talent when they see it. Pictured here holding Lights of Boston by Bill Flowers, these two men are proud of their city and all those whose talents make it shine a little brighter. Bill creates his work at Common Art in Boston, a center for individuals who are homeless or low income. Bill lives with disabilities and dyslexia, but he truly lives through his art. Bill’s work is a testament to his love of Boston, and Boston seems to love him right back!



Back out on the Garden court is former Celtic’s player Leon Powe! Swap the ball out for a piece of beautiful art and you get this photo, a true slam dunk! Leon is holding Untitled 11 by Jim Waters which features a local vista from Rockport, MA! Motif Number One has been depicted in famous paintings time after time. This particular painting supports an under privileged artist! ArtLifting creates jobs giving artists like Jim a hand up not a hand out!



Following Leon’s example, Sean Grande, voice of the Celtics also showed his support of Jim Waters and ArtLifting! Sean gives play by play analysis and coverage alongside Cedric Maxwell for all the Celtics games’ radio broadcasts! The “Voice of The Celtics” seems to be a big supporter of ArtLifting which gives voice to all those who were previously unheard!

Here at ArtLifting we strive to be a platform for our artists to tell their stories and share their talents. Thank you Sean Grande and all the Celtic’s legends for helping us spread their message! Go Celtics!

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